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Transforming Waiting Rooms with OSME for Enhanced Customer Experiences and Business Growth

The waiting room, which has often been considered a cost center, now has great potential to become a revenue center through the implementation of OSME (One Spirit Multimedia Entertainment). OSME opens up new opportunities for companies by providing interactive experiences to waiting room users, turning waiting time into enjoyable moments.

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Utilization and Management Efficiency of Public Spaces

Integrasia Utama's OSME revolutionizes public spaces, strategically placed in locations like waiting areas, government offices, and tourist destinations. Enabling internet quota-free access on personal mobile phones, OSME delivers customizable content, operating 24/7 across 200 devices for continuous public engagement. Beyond enhancing user experiences, OSME significantly reduces local government expenses on public Wi-Fi quotas. This case study showcases OSME as a cost-effective and versatile solution, seamlessly integrating entertainment, education, and communication to optimize public spaces efficiently.

Benefits for the society:
Enhanced Accessibility: OSME facilitates easy access to information, entertainment, and education in diverse public spaces.
Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for personal internet quotas and reducing local government expenses on public Wi-Fi, OSME offers a cost-effective solution for both individuals and municipalities.
Continuous Engagement: Operating 24/7 across a broad network of approximately 200 devices, OSME ensures continuous and widespread public engagement.
Tailored Content:OSME's location-based customization delivers relevant content, such as public information, queue updates, surveys, and entertainment, catering to the specific needs of each location.
Versatility:Serving as a multifunctional tool, OSME functions as a hub for entertainment, education, and communication, enhancing overall user experiences in public spaces.
Data-Driven Insights:OSME collects valuable user data, offering insights for demographic analysis and advertising potential, contributing to informed decision-making.