In this training, student will learn more about the development on satelite image technologies and the most recent product that are available in the market. Student also learn few concept about geospatial technologies that are needed before processing satelite image data.

IUTC will provided a wide range of training material, including how to process and analyze the satelite image using various software (commercial and open source software). Student are introduced with various satellite image, from low resolution to very high resolution. Each satellite image have their own unique data charactertic with different step of processing, so it can bring different added value in the geospatial aspect .


This training can be participate by everyone (Individu, Group, Private Company, and Government Agencies)

Training Objective

Students will learn deeply about satellite image and it’s technologies. Every practical operation and processing will be delivered in this training, with various analysis (exploration, monitoring, and business development)

Training Duration

3 Days (08:30 – 16:30)

Training Facilities

Students will learned in fully Air Conditionered room, with coffe, snack, and lunch is provided by IUTC.
Student need to bring their own personal computer (Laptop) with recent specification, Mouse, and Mouse Pad.
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