In this training, students will learn more about the fundamental basic of Geographic Information System that are necessary to start using the spatial technologies. Those basic information is needed in order to create a usefull and comprehensive spatial products.

IUTC have develop comprehensive training modules and syllabus based on various university curriculum. We manage to downsize the complexity of the curriculum, so everyone can understand the information within limited time. During training, students will actively learn the whole concept about geospatial, the development in geospatial technology, and also how to operate them.


Geographic Information System Fundamental is design for everyone (Individu, Group, Private Company, and Government Agencies) that are eager to learn about GIS technologies

Training Objective

Students will learn about the fundamental aspect of Geospatial Technology. They also learn various case studies that can be approach using GIS (natural resources, retail business, and transportation).

Training Duration

3 Days (08:30 – 16:30)

Training Facilities

Students will learned in fully Air Conditionered room, with coffe, snack, and lunch is provided by IUTC.
Student need to bring their own personal computer (Laptop) with recent specification, Mouse, and Mouse Pad
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