Through various training program, IUTC is still focusing on spatial training programs (geospatial technology). In IUTC, trainee not just learning about how to operate software, but more than that. Our student will learn the basic fundamental that are needed to be an excellent expertise and also discover the most valuable added value in the technology. Those can be achieved by delivering the most updated case studies and research in the field. Students will have more indeep understanding about the technology and the implementation in various working fields.
IUTC believe that learning process is never stop while human community is still exist in this world. That is why in IUTC every student will have full support to ask and share their own personal experience even after finishing their training program. By giving those support, IUTC will also learn more about the technologies that perhaps we haven’t discover yet. Every student also automatically subscibe to our IUTC forum for free, that will have useful and updated information about various technologies.

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