We build OSLOG Distribution suitable for distribution company who has retail network stores (multiple drop points/transit points). The companies need to have a strong dispatch system and fleet Management system to fulfill goods requested by each store.

Key Benefits :

  • Increase return on investment of the vehicle fleet.
  • Reduce Operation at least 20% (data based on our customer information) and develop good healthy working environment.
  • Have an executive tool to measure the performance of the team.
  • As Decision Supporting Tool.

Powerful Dispatch to Control and Monitor “On Time Delivery”

  • Faster payment collection using the dispatch mobile solution.The mobile equipment can be used for sending the proof of delivery and the system can be integrated with the existing financial system to trigger the Invoicing process and document. The System is able to work using any Android based mobile phone that has camera.
  • Loading-Unloading time reducing.
    a. The system will send an email and/or SMS to the PIC in the store when the vehicle has already reached certain area (geofence) buffer defined surrounding the store or drop point so that the PIC can prepare the parking lot and other equipment for unloading purposes.
    b. The system can be used to monitor and control the loading unloading time to get the effective and optimum time
  • Our Dashboard is “user friendly” and in single click to the dashboard detail to drill down to each vehicle details. The reports also have a dynamic option to show the delivery performance score

Dispatch Management & On Time Delivery Report

  • On-Time Delivery

    Orders and Vehicles Assignment to Ensure On-Time Delivery

  • Proof of Delivery

    Ensures Accurate Record of Delivery
    Mobile Dispatch Approval
    Increase company cash-flow by faster collection

  • KPI Driver

    Driver Performance Measurement

Monitoring & Controlling Driver Performances and Behaviours

  • Integrate system to existing HRD system can support the HRD system with real data on the driver performances achievement and behaviour. The data can be used to coach and/or rewards & punishment system.
  • Interactive dashboard provides the management with the comprehensive information and reports.
  • The system can also be Connected to the financial system. This integration can do automatic calculation for the drivers incentive.
  • To avoid “unnecessary cost” because of the driver legality (driving license & id card). This information is connected to dispatch module so the drivers aren’t able to be signed on for working if the legality aspect are expired.
  • Reduce risks by using the performance reports for insurance and compliance requirements.

OSLOG Mobile Dispatch

Access dispatch through smart phones, where the driver 
can perform activities such as the following :

Dispatch Mobile approval
  • Good Delivery by Picture & Location
  • Increase Company Cash-flow By faster Collection
  • Powerful Dispatching report
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