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Maybe you are wondering why we built Fleet Management System


We have concern to logistic costs that keep increasing though we already entered industry 4.0 in Indonesia. It simply because we want to support you by giving values, especially reducing your fleet costs. So, our children can feel it benefits

What is Fleet Management?




How OSLOG be your solutions.

  • By utilizing One Spirit Map & open data model platform, developers can build related application to either logistic or transportation or geospatial information on OSLOG core.

  • We build OSLOG with the understanding of giving easy access & usage with enterprise application such as ERP, SAP, Microsoft Enterprise, Oracle, etc.

What you can get from OSLOG

  • Powerful Dispatching tool to Control and Monitor “On Time Delivery”.
  • Monitoring & Controlling Drivers Performances and Behaviors.
  • SHE (Safety and Healthy Environment).
  • Increase Vehicles Utilization.
  • Fuel Consumption Efficiency.

Our Feature

Route Management

Route Management is one of our features to define the travel route of vehicle. This feature serves the customer so much reliable. Supported by our well established network (powered by JetCom) making this feature can provide the information in real time. This feature have a many function such as:
  • Maintain Geofence
  • Maintain Route
  • Maintain Landmark
  • Drop Point

Customer Management

The function of this feature is as a tools or interface for customer services. Before yourcustomers access the information from our system we made a wall between the main systemsand your customers.
So the security level will allow the specifics your customers who can accessthe information. And we can define the drop point of your customers and do a monitoring the region.

Vehicle Management

For vehicles, we can get the information about the vehicle registration letter (STNK), KIR and Insurance when will get an expired date.
This thing will reduce the risk of vehicle which didn’t have an active vehicle registration letter, so company can also reduce the cost of police affairs.


  • EasyCAN
  • Eco-Drive
  • Driver identification reader
  • Company card reader
  • Panic Button
  • Driver identification set
  • Push-to-talk – two-way communication
  • Temperature sensor
  • Open/Closed door identification
  • Can-Extender

SHE (Safety and Healthy Environment)

  • Using RFID technology in the vehicle, our system can provide accurate information on the driver working hours and based on the data we have, alert management system can give remainder to the monitoring & control room in complying the SHE rule, ie. after 4 hours driving, the driver should take 15 minute rest.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance remainder will can be used to increase vehicles’ lifetime, good condition or availability and safety.
  • Our sensors and alert management system can give us various safety information in the vehicle i.e., safety belt sensor, stop violation, hash breaking, hash Acceleration, over speed, surveillance voice, and vehicle license status.
  • Monitoring of maintenance records, repairs and vehicle performance can help to identify and reduce safety risks.

Alert Management System

This feature can provide a real time notification alert that has defined before by user. The
parameter tools that will be a trigger of the alert are:
  • Door sensor
  • Over speed sensor
  • Engine status sensor (off/ on)
  • Power disconnection sensor
  • Panic button
  • Engine case opened, etc.

Gantt Chart Monitoring

This feature can provide to controlling and monitoring the vehicle for one day.
We will know about all the activities, like when the engine was off, when the door opened, etc. and also we will get the time duration for each activity.

Daily and Business Intelligent Reports

OSLOG also serve the daily reporting system as well. This report contained about the vehicle and also the driver.
The reporting format can be customized as a customer needs.

Integrated with Enterprise System

OSLOG system can be integrated with the other enterprise systems
without degrade the performance of OSLOG itself.

Increase Vehicles Utilisation

  • Optimized Management of Vehicles :
    Continuous planning of transport and the logistics involved decreases wasted journeys. i.e. Those made without a profitable burden. Increased visibility, through system, of available time allows more effective and efficient use of time.
  • Controlling the vehicles working hour plan vs actual vehicles working hour will help in increasing the utilization the vehicles.

Fuel Consumption Efficiency

  • Monitoring Fuel level of the vehicles,
    will improve Fleet Fuel Management
  • Reduce fuel costs and repair bills by minimizing excessive idling, over-revving, hard braking, improper shifting, and speeding, while maximizing the efficiency of routes.


After introduction of fleet management systems drivers lost an opportunity to earn additional income by fuel theft. A common problem also met in the industry is the fact that drivers do not value company ́s vehicles. Careless driving behavior entails additional costs for maintenance of the
car and, of course, increases fuel consumption. However, Ruptela has a solution, which can help you to manage with unscrupulous drivers. Eco-Drive – is a system, created to control driving behavior, reduce operating costs, risk of accidents and decrease fuel consumption up to 20%. Eco-Drive positively effects driver and environment.
  • Shows where exactly you lose fuel.

    Report system ECO-driving allows to identify the car or the driver
    with the highest fuel consumption or the fact of aggressive driving.
    The system shows how safe and costly driver behaves.
  • Reduces operating costs of the vehicle.

    Incorrect, aggressive driving style leads to higher expenses.
    ECO-driving system allows to save not only on fuel costs, but also on
    the maintenance costs.
  • Saves lives and your property.

    Reports display parameters such as: fuel consumption, speed, the intensity of braking and acceleration, downtime, etc. This data gives an overview of driving style safety of each driver in particular.
    The system not only protects pedestrians and other road users, but also your property and drivers lives.
  • Helps to reduce harmful emissions and taxes.

    Appropriate driving style saves fuel and reduces risk of accidents
    and amount of harmful emissions CO2.

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