A genuine LIDAR alternative and our premium product. Ideal for survey, volumetric analysis and digital surface model generation.
Our systems acquire a large amount of overlapping imagery ideal for generating high resolution 3D Point clouds. Taking advantage of the high quality wide angle lenses and stereography at low altitude, ultra high density data is acquired for 3D volume and digital surface model purposes. This is our premier product and main advantage in using our systems. High resolution orthos are also generated to help with break-line determination and other normal imagery benefits.
  • Uniquely wide-angle lens compared to industry
  • Very high density resultant Point Cloud
  • True 3D shape obtained
  • Genuine Low-cost alternative to LIDAR
  • High accuracy to ground
  • Raw Digital Surface Model product and Resampled Point Cloud to desired level (typically 1m)
  • Available as xyz, GRID, DEM, TIN, .las, .laz
  • DSM to DEM conversion
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