KD-252-BW One Spirit UAV is designed for optimal acquisition at low altitude.
Routine operations comfortably capture high resolution coverage of 4-6 square km per flight. Task areas anywhere from 12-30 km² are routinely viable within one operating day. Larger areas can be completed at higher altitude with airspace integration and direct liaison with your aviation authorities. This ability to complete larger tasks in far fewer flights sets the AreoHawk system apart from others.
Ortho images are GIS or CAD ready. The AreoHawk UAV processing pipeline delivers consistent ortho images to the following standard :
  • 1 km² tiled GeoTiffs in desired map projection
  • Superior colour and tone balancing. Impossible to discern individual images
  • Only most NADIR pixels are promoted producing true orthos and eliminating parallax
  • High resolution sub-4cm and a standard 50cm summary image provided
  • Integration of survey ground control markers for high accuracy (x,y <5cm, z <10cm)
  • Multiple delivery options
  • New Zealand operations under CAA endorsement including urban and built up areas
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