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OSCARP One Spirit Carpooling

Enterprise solutions for companies in managing vehicle operations to become more effective and efficient .

The speed at which we are doing our activities these days requires rapid and optimum response. The transportation industry is not spared from this trend. There have been many corporations and industry facing the challenges in transportation in terms of reliability, high cost, convenience, as well as external factors such as traffic congestion.
GPS is one of the wonderful innovations that has been widely used to assist in providing exact location of an object on the face of the earth. Leveraged to a different scale GPS can also be tracked and operated via web-based or mobile application.
We have seen this potential use of GPS and incorporate it into our OSCarpooling System or OSCARP. This application has been created to answer the need for a reliable application to manage the vehicle operational procedure, from ordering and dispatching vehicles, driving a number of passenger to different locations or picking them up in various locations.
More information on how we can help you stay focused on improving your vehicle utilization is available here (click here).

OSLOG Mobile Proof Of Delivery

OSLOG Proof of Delivery Solution extends your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Transportation Management System (TMS) to your mobile workforce. Provide drivers, employees, contractors and couriers with an easy-to-use mobile app that conveniently captures the proof of delivery from a single device. Our intuitive mobile workflows fit seamlessly into existing delivery processes, eliminating paperwork, reducing errors and increasing productivity among your workforce.
Access dispatch through smart phones, where the driver can perform activities such as the following:

  • Good Delivery by Picture & Location
  • Increase Company Cash-flow By faster Collection
  • Powerful Dispatching Report
Mobile POD apk


SI Imaging Services(SIIS) is a leading satellite imagery provider for Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. The SIIS has the Exclusive Worldwide Marketing and Sales Representative of KOMPSAT series which is KOMPSAT-2, KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A and KOMPSAT-5 Image. Also SIIS serves DubaiSAT-2 and Deimos-2 satellite imagery worldwide. Those two satellites developed by Satrec Initiative(SI).
“SIIS is pleased that KARI has selected us as the representative for KOMPSAT imagery sales. The KOMPSAT imagery will serve worldwide customers as an alternate source of earth observation data,” said Sungdong Park, President and CEO of Satrec Initiative. “Also, we expect the growth of Korean remote sensing industry through commercialization of KOMPSAT imagery by domestic company.”

4 Key Benefit Using OSLOG Logistics Application Solutions:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • HSE & HSSE Compliance
Focus on Your Business Growth, We Will Take Care of Your Fleet.

OSLOG Mobile applications

Monitoring in Your Hand

Integrasia Utama is proud to announce the availability of our enhanced Mobile Apps (Native Android) that revolutionizes the way we monitor our fleet. Simply made convenient to operate, this apps runs on Android, allowing you to monitor with an added convenience.

OSLOG enhanced Mobile Apps (aptly called m-T for Tracking) is a feature for Tracking and Monitoring, which is accessible via smartphones. It offers more than simply the ability to provide the last recorded position of your fleet. Developed for dispatchers and supervisors, it provides access to monitor your fleet, regardless their positions: on pools, on transpoints and on trip. Enhanced features enable close inspection on the availability of the current fleet and details on the condition of each vehicle. Fleet optimization can therefore be achieved as dispatcher are given control over which vehicle can be deployed, avoiding disruptions on the road for instance caused by vehicle tires in need of retreading, road worthiness licence in need of renewal or vehicle running out of petrol. Leave it to our Mobile Apps to notify you on any possible gridlock, while you focus on driving the growth of your company. We simply call it an application that makes fleet monitoring a convenience and we design it for you.

More information on how we can help you stay focused on improving your vehicle utilization is available here (click here).
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We provides services and enterprise solutions based on client’s needs, Strong commitment dedicated in IT solution to generate high-quality integrated solution to support our customer in reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency

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