Introducing Our New GPS Tracking Device

Ruptella FM-PRO3

Advantages :

  • Internal battery (up to 4 working hours)
  • 2 x RSXXX interface
  • Resistant to Voltage peaks up to 70V
  • Remote configurations and updates via GPRS
  • Eco-Drive function to monitor driver behaviour

RQ-84Z Photogrammetry UAV

The RQ-84Z AreoHawk has been designed expressly for the optimal acquisition of aerial imaging. With the benefit of many years of both military and commercial UAV operation and much investment in Research and Development, we have settled on a system design that satisfies requirements. Conceived to be a rugged, easy to operate system, our emphasis is placed on the quality of the product, where the UAV is simply the acquisition tool. As such, the AreoHawk system is market driven, and operates under the business imperatives to save clients and operators both time and money.
New Feature from OSLOG (Fleet Management System)

OSLOG Mobile Dispatch

This application allow users (in this case the driver)
to access dispatch through smart phones, where the driver
can perform activities such as the following :

Dispatch Mobile approval
  • Good Delivery by Picture & Location
  • Increase Company Cash-flow By faster Collection
  • Powerful report Dispatching
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This application only support on Android Mobile Phone
Download APK

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